Collection Management Services (CMS)

CMS is structured and designed for your late-stage active or charge-off accounts. Collector talent and technology are merged to deliver CMS that will produce maximum net-back collection recovery for your organization. Collectors specialize by customer and share responsibility for collection recovery with management. Collector talent, customer knowledge, and technology all combine to bring accounts to a point of resolution over the shortest time frame. CMS is conducted in ARI’s name. Account data/information can move from your organization to ARI through automated and secured procedures. Telephone collections, skiptracing work, asset location, national credit reporting, debt verification, legal action, and other efforts are used to resolve accounts. CMS handles both primary and secondary accounts. Special consideration also is available for third placements and purchase of accounts. ARI offers either full or modified CMS. In full CMS, accounts are managed through the statute of limitations. In modified CMS, the customer defines the scope.

Pre-Collection Services (PCS)

PCS offers third party letters prior to traditional collection services. A two-part letter series is recommended because statistically the first and last letters are the most effective. PCS is a very cost-effective collection resource. It will capture dollars from responsible parties who need third party involvement to move in a positive repayment direction. Each letter advises responsible parties to direct payment and inquires to your organization. (Under special arrangements, PCS can handle inquires with sufficient data/information supplies.) PCS can operate as a stand-alone service or as prelude to CMS.

Special Projects

This short-term specialty work targets accounts that have aged to an unacceptable level. ARI seeks prompt account resolution on behalf of your organization through a customer-specific work plan and collection team. Special Projects can expand your cash flow, decrease internal expenses, and help bring account volumes to a reasonable level. Special Projects are conducted at ARI and can include support personnel at your location.


Next Steps...

Whether you are interested in collection resource development or have immediate collection needs, let us better acquaint you with ARI. We can demonstrate how ARI will produce maximum net-back collection recovery for your organization!